About Me

Amber PflughMy name is Amber Pflugh. My last name is pronounced like “flu”. I live in Bakersfield California with my wonderful husband and high school sweetheart and three boys. My photography career began after my boys were born. As a mother, I am always taking pictures of every little thing that my children do. I have always been this way. I photograph everything that I am doing and when I get home I can’t wait to put them all on my computer and print all of the memories we just made.

All my life, taking pictures just seemed like a hobby. I never thought about having a job that I absolutely loved. It seemed so far fetched but after some thought and pushing from my husband I gave photography a shot. After a few test runs with real clients other than my own children and family, I actually started believing that I could actually do photography as a career. My dream job. I have just started my photography career and can’t wait for all the possibilities that come from having my own photography business. I love capturing those special moments in your life and giving people photographs that can spark that memory or feeling just like it does for me! :)